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Give your home an instant upgrade with unparalleled lighting that makes people say "Wow!"

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make a statement

Our 3D printing process makes it possible to create designs traditional manufacturing processes can’t.

(numerous patents pending) 


3D printing creates a fabric like appearance that looks soft, but is incredibly durable.  And with countless material and color options, there is a look that's just right for your home.


sophistication in minutes

Breathe new life into your dated pendants or table lamps in minutes; our diffusers easily install onto many lights that use standard A lamps.   That means you can give your home a facelift faster than you can make a cup of coffee.

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We are passionate about light!  We love to play with light and reveal its power and beauty in ways that have never been done before.   We’re anti-mass-produced, soulless, generic lighting.  Our 3D printed lights keep you from settling for ordinary, cookie-cutter lighting.

Our leadership and design team have been creating breakthrough lighting products for over 25 years.  They hold dozens of patents on some of the most significant lighting innovations over the last two decades. 

Today we're able to print our imagination.  The results in designs that capture the magic of light in ways that haven't been seen before. We're redefining lighting one layer at a time. 

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